Toddler Soccer

Toddler Soccer is an award-winning programme, operating from Northern Ireland, that has attracted interest throughout the world. It introduces children to football and the importance of exercise from the age of two

Mini Soccer

We pride ourselves on offering a selection of well organised Mini Soccer Centres with a quality coaching programme to match. We welcome all children aged 5-13, both boys & girls, to enjoy soccer in a safe, pressure free environment. All coaches are

Tw Braga

TW Braga offers a full academy for all children to get top class coaching and education while playing competitive games on a weekly basis. We provide teams for children aged 6 and above. If you would like to get your child involved contact Academy

Football For All

Our main objective for Football For All is to make sure that the sport of football is welcoming and inclusive to all members of our society in Northern Ireland.

Holiday Camps

'Every school holiday sees TW Sports inundated with applications from families wanting to send their children or grandchildren on one of our fun and friendly junior football courses for all children aged 5 to 13.

Club Tours

We have opportunities to organise for opposing teams anywhere in the globe to use our experts that organise our tours!  If you would like to experience visiting and playing against the likes of Newcastle United, Sunderland, PSV Eindhoven, Ajax, FC Ba

Birthday Parties

Well we at TW Sports.Org are available to organise Mini Soccer for your next birthday celebration at great rates, whether you want some coaching organised for them or simply just fun games contact Tim Wareing on, 077 4012 0788 or complete the Birthda

1 on 1 Coaching

A player’s football education and understanding is very important. In school, if a child struggles or falls behind in a certain subject, they will receive additional work on a one-to-one basis. We should be offering exactly that in football.

My Sports Cards

You don't have to be a pro to feature on a sports card! My Sports Cards can design, print and deliver your own personalised sports cards.

Coaches Section

The section is to offer all my sessions assist coaches & managers. Whether you coach at high school level or you're a parent coaching your child's local club you will find everything you need right here!

Tim Wareing

I was brought up in an entrepreneurial environment with my dad running a very successful tyre & fuel service. I received a great education through being involved with the family business. I seen the importance of hard work, good customer service sk


As our book sales on our program sell in over 30 different countries and requests to deliver clinics across the globe continue now is the time for you to become part of the TW Sports family.


It is amazing the journey the TW Sports program has taken. We like to share with you our time line of events, celebrations and anniversary


This section contains articles & features about TW Sports by the media

Success Stories

We want to share with you the success stories of some of the players that have come through our ranks.


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